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Scrollbars Finishing Moves:
As Dean Ambrose
Dirty Deeds (Headlock Driver -2012-2014, or a Snap Double Underhook DDT -2014-Present)
Knee Trembler (Running Knee Lift) - Parodied from William Regal
Midnight Special (Over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver) (FCW)
Regal Stretch (Arm Trap Cross-Legged STF (FCW) -Parodied from William Regal; used as a signature on the main roster

As Jon Moxley
Hook & Ladder (Chickenwing Facebuster)
Moxicity (Spinning Side Slam)
One Hitter (Vertical Suplex DDT)

Signature Moves:
As Dean Ambrose
Air Lunatic/Flying Lunatic (Suicide Drive)
Chickenwing Facebuster
Corner Forearm Smash followed by a Running Bulldog, with theatrics
Double Leg Takedown followed by multiple punches
Double Underhook Superplex
Front Missile Dropkick
Knee Strike to the midsection, as a counter to an oncoming opponent
Lunatic Fringe Elbow Drop (Diving Elbow Drop to a standing opponent and/or to the outside of the ring)
Lunatic Lariat (Pendulum Lariat or a Rebound Clothesline to an opponent outside the ring, preceded by sweeping off from the apron)
Running Crossbody followed by a multiple punches
Running Front Dropkick to an opponent against the ropes
Snap DDT
Snap Elbow Drop
Swinging Backbreaker
Tornado DDT

As Jon Moxley
Crossface Chickenwing
Fujiwara Armbar
Orange Crush/Money Clip (Vertical Suplex Powerbomb)
Snap DDT